Sauder Social Entrepreneurship – Kenya: Empowering Impoverished Communities


Now in its eighth year, Sauder Social Entrepreneurship – Kenya (SSE – Kenya) provides a unique opportunity for Sauder School of Business students who are interested in social entrepreneurship to make a difference in the lives of aspiring young entrepreneurs from two of Nairobi’s largest slums, Kibera and Mathare.

For five weeks each summer, a group of students and faculty supervisors travel to Kenya, team up with business students from Nairobi’s Strathmore University, and lead a series of business planning workshops. To date, more than 225 local residents have participated in the program and learned the fundamental skills they need to expand existing companies or develop new micro-ventures.

The mission of SSE – Kenya is to uplift the lives of African youth and their communities through sustainable entrepreneurship. At the same time, the program provides Sauder students with an opportunity to put theory into practice, to develop their presentation and leadership skills, to teach and mentor Kenyan youth, to build international networks, and to foster an ethical approach to entrepreneurship in a globalized context. Our long-term goal is to secure ongoing sources of funding to further develop our entrepreneurship training program in Kenya and expand this model to other nations.

Financial support for this program directly benefits UBC students who want to make a difference in Kenya as well as young entrepreneurs who are making an effort to reduce poverty and increase employment in their communities.

Your donation will:

Cover annual program expenses, including classroom rentals, teaching materials, supplies, nutritional breaks and transportation for UBC students to and from Kibera and Mathare.

Develop new scholarships to help our UBC mentors cover their travel costs, which amount to approximately $5,000 per student.

Help shape the program experience by offsetting the cost of organizing and running SSE-Kenya each year. Overall program support will help us extend and deepen the experience and expand to new sites in other countries.

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