SAFEGARD Aquatic Research Laboratory


SAFEGARD is a UBC collaboration of researchers responding to the crisis facing the Pacific salmon. Salmon numbers in the Pacific Northwest are on a downhill trend. This has a huge impact on the region – culturally, environmentally and economically. SAFEGARD has been established to address this crisis and undertake the sound scientific research that will guide current and future approaches to the current concerns.

Researchers will be investigating the impact of environmental changes on the survival of the salmon as well as the possible genetic differences within and between Pacific salmon species that may help them to resist these changes. This research is crucial to our understanding of the current trend towards declining numbers and to informing future practice in the field.

Housed on the UBC campus at new state-of-the-art InSEAS* laboratory, the SAFEGARD team is made up of experienced and committed researchers with access to the specialized laboratories that this research demands. The team will work collaboratively with community and industry partners to undertake vital, urgent and unique research that is crucial to informing responsible and sustainable practices.

Your help is needed to support the research that SAFEGARD will conduct and to support the future sustainability of the Pacific salmon population. Please make a donation.

*InSEAS – Interactive Study for the Environment and Its Aquatic Systems