The Rick Hansen Difference Maker Award in Women’s Volleyball

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The Rick Hansen Difference Maker Award in Women’s Volleyball

The Rick Hansen Difference Maker Award in Women's Volleyball recognizes individuals as leaders within the women's volleyball team and as contributing members of the UBC community. The award was created by a gift from the Rick Hansen Leadership Group and is supported by the Difference Maker Monthly Giving Club, made up of alumni and friends of Thunderbird Women’s Volleyball. Please join the giving club with your monthly donation today.

About This Project

The award was established in September 2014. When asked what initiated the generous contribution from the Leadership Group, Rick Hansen answered, “I have been incredibly impressed by (head coach) Doug Reimer’s accomplishments at UBC, and even more impressed with his accomplishments as a leader in developing people and as a builder of the sport of volleyball. Volleyball is a huge part of my life, as a young player it helped to build my athletic, social, and life skills, and then enabled me to coach for 30+ years. My hope is that this small contribution can be joined by many other alumni, friends and supporters to build one of the most effective values based sport programs in Canada.”

The Difference Maker Monthly Giving Club is a fulfilment of Rick’s hopes for the award. It brings together donors who have shown tremendous commitment to UBC’s women’s volleyball program by becoming monthly givers. The structure of monthly giving offers a solution for financially supporting the team in an affordable way. The cumulative effect of monthly giving from all of our alumni and friends has a substantial impact on the resources that we can provide for our student-athletes and the quality of their university experience at UBC.

The Rick Hansen Difference Maker Award will be given out for the first time in the fall of 2015 to a women’s volleyball player who is a tremendous leader within the team and contributing member of the UBC community. Please join the Difference Maker Monthly Giving Club by making your monthly donation to support UBC Women’s Volleyball.

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