Public Art Collection Fund

Public Art Collection

UBC’s Okanagan campus is committed to developing and maintaining a public art collection that is intended to stimulate discussion, provide learning opportunities, and enrich campus life. The Public Art Collection Fund is a new initiative, which will be used to enhance the existing collection.

The vision of the Public Art Program is to provide a compelling and distinctive collection of art of national and international significance that will educate and inspire, engage and stimulate, and enrich the campus experience for the university community, alumni, and our many visitors. It will reflect the University’s research and educational mandate and be noted for the integration of art into campus life. We will build a diverse art collection that will be memorable for challenging and evocative works informing and increasing knowledge, transforming lives by broadening viewer’s perspectives, and reflecting us as a part of the legacy at UBC’s Okanagan campus.

Your gift to the Public Art Collection Fund will provide vital resources for acquisitions into the permanent collection, allowing it to continually expand and respond to new local, national, and international developments in art.