Project Seahorse

A small conservation group that achieves big results.

Seahorses are flagship species for marine conservation, charismatic symbols and ambassadors of the marine habitats where they make their homes. Like many other marine animals, seahorses are caught by small-scale or subsistence fishers around the world. They are stripped from the sea by shrimp trawlers as their nets rake the sea floor. Their inshore coastal habitats are subject to pollution, dredging, mining, blasting, farming, and other human damage.

Protecting seahorses means protecting these diverse habitats and all of the marine life that lives therein. Just as marine animals depend on healthy oceans, so do humans. The IUCN global authority on seahorses and their relatives, Project Seahorse is dedicated to protecting seahorses, supporting marine conservation, and securing a world where marine ecosystems are healthy and well managed. Your support helps us continue this vital work.

We’re a small team of scientists and conservationists who work all over the world, with projects in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, and the Americas. Our work begins with cutting-edge research that we turn into highly effective conservation action, in collaboration with governments, local communities, and other stakeholders. Through our innovative app, iSeahorse, citizen-scientists also contribute to our work.

Founded in 1996 by Dr. Amanda Vincent and Dr. Heather Koldeway, both global experts on seahorse conservation, Project Seahorse has won many international awards and honours. Project Seahorse depends on the support of partners and dedicated individuals like you to continue our vital conservation work. Your support really does make a difference!

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