Pharmaceutical Sciences Building

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is currently undertaking unprecedented growth, with the vision to become a global leader in pharmaceutical education and research.

At the centre of this expansion will be the new Pharmaceutical Sciences building, which will help usher in a new era for pharmacy education in British Columbia. This leading-edge building will provide a flexible and stimulating learning environment for students, space for continued professional development for those working in the industry, and facilities for world-class research.

Alumni and friends play an important role in supporting this exciting growth. Please make a donation to support the new building and the student learning, teaching and research initiatives which will help UBC to be a global leader in the field.

Individual gifts of $1000 or more will be recognized in the new building.

Recognition Information

  • Joint recognition – of two or more names – is also available, if each individual donates $1000 or more
  • Degree information not included
  • Name will read first name, middle initial and last name
  • The only prefix allowable is “Dr.”

Tax Benefits of Donations

The federal and provincial governments provide generous tax incentives to encourage individuals to support institutions like the University of British Columbia, but many people don’t realize the true value of these savings.

Did you know that any donations exceeding the first $200 on your tax return receive combined federal and provincial tax credits totalling 43.7% (29% federal and 14.7% provincial)? Tax credits can be used to reduce the amount of tax you owe for the year.

Choosing to donate publicly traded securities that have appreciated in value will extend your tax savings even further.

If you own highly appreciated stocks, bonds, mutual funds, rights or interests in related segregated funds, selling these securities could subject you to significant capital gains tax (a tax on the amount the investment has increased in value). When you donate these publicly traded securities traded on a prescribed exchange directly to the University of British Columbia, you benefit from the donation tax credit and the complete elimination of the capital gains tax.