Patient and Community Partnership for Education

Patient and Community Partnership for Education

Patient & Community Partnership for Education brings patient and community voices into the education of health professional students to ensure that future health professionals provide care that is patient-centered and meets society’s needs. We develop, implement and evaluate innovative educational interventions that are both multi-professional and interprofessional.

Your gift helps us offer programs that partner patients as mentors with future health care professionals, enabling students to gain valuable insights with the goal of improving health outcomes.

About This Project

If you wish to direct your donation to a specific program, please choose from the following:

UBC Health Mentors Program
Launched in 2011, this program allows students from different health disciplines to learn from a patient living with a chronic disease or disability. The program enables Canada’s future health-care leaders to see the person behind the disease.

Patient & Community Voices Workshops
Students are exposed to community-led workshops composed of a panel of patients and caregivers who share their unique lived experience and healthcare expertise. The workshops are interactive and include small group discussions allowing students to learn about the challenges and resources available for people living with conditions such as HIV, aphasia, epilepsy and mental illness.

Aboriginal Community as Teacher Cultural Camps
UBC students and Aboriginal youth attend 3-4 day summer camps organized by Xyolhemeylh (Fraser Valley Aboriginal Children & Family Services) where they learn about Aboriginal history and culture. The camps are led by Elders, youth workers and cultural leaders with a focus on cultural immersion leading to an improved understanding by students of power inequality, trust, bias, respect for cultural differences, and culturally-appropriate relationships.

Living Library
A series of video resources for students and faculty composed of real patients and caregivers, or Health Mentors, discussing their experiences living with chronic conditions such as HIV, depression, Prader-Willi Syndrome, and Alzheimer’s disease. Topics such as professionalism, communication, breaking bad news and patient-centered care are addressed.

Project Contacts

  • Janine Root
  • Director, Campus Initiatives and Awards
  • Tel: 604.827.4996

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