Outstanding Graduate Scholar Training Program

The successful candidate of the Outstanding Graduate Scholar Training Program will challenge the conventions of research and health care delivery.

The graduate will be a visionary, a critical thinker, an agent of change.

The Outstanding Graduate Scholar Training Program (OGSTP) supports the future vanguards of research entering into the PhD graduate program at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Please consider giving to the fund here.

Students will be encouraged to maximize their potential through training that includes student-to-student mentorship; internship and networking opportunities with government, academia and industry; and inter-Faculty, and pan-university, cross-disciplinary relationship building through research pursuits.

The standards for the OGSTP are high: the PhD student will be expected to maintain exemplary academic standing while completing their degree within a four-year timeline. And as Faculty and Program Ambassadors, the recipient of the OGSTP funding will take on key responsibilities, including: being a mentor for undergraduate students (from post-secondary institutions across Canada) who partake in the Summer Student Research Program; hosting fellow graduate student applicants, as well as national and international guest speakers; playing an active role on organizing committees for graduate-level Faculty events; and partaking in Pharmaceutical Sciences’ Graduate Student Society’s pro d events.

A gift of $70K will support one PhD student for two years. For this full commitment, the donor’s name will identify the Scholar for the two years the funding is active i.e. Melinda Jones Outstanding Graduate Scholar.

We invite you to help support the potential of these extraordinary future leaders and stars of research. Please consider giving to the OGSTP at the UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.