Oral Cancer Discovery Fund

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Oral cancer when detected at earlier stages is a highly treatable disease. By bringing innovative diagnostic tools into communities most at risk, UBC Dentistry is engaged in fighting against oral cancer. You can support this vital research here.

The Oral Cancer Discovery Fund supports a collaboration between Dr. Charles Haynes at the Michael Smith Laboratory and Dr. Catherine Poh at the Faculty of Dentistry, whose research involves the development of actionable genomic-based tests from discovery to translation into clinical usage in early detection, risk assessment and management of oral pre-cancer and cancer. The efforts will ultimately reduce the incidence and improve the morbidity and mortality caused by this disease.

Oral cancer is a silent killer. Until recently, marginalized populations were most at risk, but now a growing number of cases are found in the young and upwardly mobile. Yet most people don’t know oral cancer is a health threat. Over 3,200 Canadians are diagnosed each year with oral cancer. An interdisciplinary, multi-institutional effort has resulted in the development of new diagnostic tools, screening methods and treatment protocols to improve outcomes for oral cancer patients.

Please make a donation to support the Oral Cancer Discovery Fund. Your gift will directly impact ground-breaking discoveries that improve patient care and the future for oral cancer patients.

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