In Memoriam

About Memoriam Pages

Share and preserve the memory of your loved ones and their connection to UBC by establishing an in memoriam page in their honour. An in memoriam page enables friends and family to create a lasting legacy for a person’s life. Donations can be directed to either an already established fund or a newly created fund.

Funds donated in memoriam enrich the university experience for current and future generations of UBC students, faculty and alumni. They  provide vital support for student scholarships and bursaries, help fund advancements in academic programming and research, and contribute to the social and cultural life of UBC.

Please visit our In Memoriam UBC website.

Please note that only memorial awards with an associated tribute page will be searchable. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please call us at 604.827.4111.

Gill Moranwali,Murray Hodgson,Stanley Oakes,Yan P. So,Oldrich Hungr,Brian Higgins,David Sam,John Friedmann,Graham Neale,Thomas Bennett,Tony Kozak,Quang Minh Khong,Ken McCarter,Lorna Gail Gordon,Christina Lim Huckvale,Tim Holt,Scott Weekes and Anne Laite,Cindy Jordan-Orlaw,Daniel Lovegrove,Brett Kilb,Tyler O’Farrell,Jocelyn Stern Katz,Edna Nash,Edward Piers,Alexander Aylett,Philip White,Doreen Kilpatrick,Ken Ringrose,Stanley Hashimoto,Fred Sack,Sydney Friedman,Jim DeFina,Jean Laponce,John G. Watt,Matthew Yip,Ted Hill,Doyne Sillery,David Barrett,Robert Cathro,Kenneth Lam,John Meech,Alan Steeves,Dietmar Neufeld,Jimmy Grewal,Basil Stuart-Stubbs,Helsa Leong,John Wesley Foster,Neil Mackenzie,Brian J Lahiffe,Maria Gabriele Finamore,Irene Money,Katja Pecarevic,Josef Molnar,Morley Koffman,Leslie Alexander,Tony Scott,Richard Stace-Smith,David Huynh,Paul J. Harrison,River Sidley,Michael Dobson,Sumit Guha,Jody Rud,Katharine Borgen,Laura Taylor,Paul Gilmore,Jacqueline Farquhar,Carol Smith,Neil Freeman,David Graham,Lauren Wilmot,Dr. Nancy Scott,Anne Wallace,Stuart Maddin,Alan Kraus,Brian Truscott,Margaret Wylie,Robert Stuart,Olivia Sonja Robertson,Kirstine Griffith,Rick White,Michael Rust-Smith,Dr. Bruce Todd,Dr. Klaus Gerhard Strassmann,Joseph Perdue,Gillian MacLean,Irma Kurtz,Sam Rattan,Tracy Penner,Paul Jubinville,Steve Alisharan,Mary Alice Gillespie,Jagdeep Bakshi,Tina Christopoulos Crudo,Spiro Yannacopoulos,Susan Hicks,Mike Casselman,Brigitte Raudzus,Knute Soros,Ian S Ross,Euan Taylor,Carley Kennedy,Richard Ott,Maja Paderewska,Kam Kooner,Erich Vogt,Reginald L. Clarkson,Jack T Edwards,Raymond Cunliffe,Tamara Edinger,Mark Harris,Dr. Clyde Hertzman,Dr. Shelley Martin,Helen Stevenson-Galpin,Beverly Du Gas,Jacob Zilber,Ralph Loffmark,David Coffin,Gordon Thompson,Shuryo Nakai,Andrew Wade,Peter Mullins,Harold Krivel,Judit Moldovan,Dr. Kristin Sivertz,Keith MacDonald,Richard Garvin