The Mel Zajac Jr. International Swim Meet


For over half a century, the Mel Zajac Jr. International Swim Meet has been a fixture on the international swimming stage, attracting top talent to Vancouver and providing an opportunity for young Canadian swimmers to compete alongside Olympians. Over the last two decades, the annual meet has also preserved the memory of Dolphins alumnus Mel Zajac Jr. and inspired the next generation of athletes through swim camps.

With a new era launched by the opening of the new UBC Aquatic Centre, the organizing committee for the Mel Zajac Jr. International is looking to revitalize this flagship event. By giving your support to this event, you will help engage today’s young swimmers in the same way the meet has held a special place in the hearts of previous generations of UBC Dolphins.

Your donation will directly enhance the experience for meet participants by helping to secure additional facilities, expand awards, provide team support and enhance our volunteer program among other operating costs. Thank you for your support!

If you are interested in sponsoring the meet, please contact us using the details on the right hand side.