Master of Urban Design Program

Master of Urban Design

Master of Urban Design Program

Please consider making a contribution to the MUD program, to help us build tomorrow’s urban design leaders by providing them with the critical thinking and practical skills to make positive and meaningful contributions to the cities of the future.

About This Project

Today, 50% of the world’s population lives in urban environments – and that number will increase to 80% by 2060. The growth and evolution of the world’s cities is occurring in many different forms, from sprawling American suburbs to increasingly dense downtown cores of Europe and Asia. This urban growth offers a crucial opportunity to urban designers, whose expertise we increasingly count on to influence and guide the growth of cities worldwide.

UBC’s Master of Urban Design degree is an 11 month post-professional degree program intended to equip design and planning professionals with the urban design philosophies and skills needed to address the world’s emerging urban contexts over the next half century. SALA is looking to recruit to the program top national and international design and planning professionals who can contribute both to the growth of the program and to the evolution of urban design around the world.

Your contribution to MUD will support:
•    Entrance Scholarships, to attract the most skilled and talented students, and to assist them with the cost of education and living expenses;
•    Student travel, to augment the curriculum through experiencing the variety of urban design options;
•    The Annual Symposium and Publication, where students will showcase their projects and their leading edge ideas for the future of urban design;
•    Funded Studios, interactive and experiential learning environments which animate and make accessible the issues pertaining to urban design; and
•    A MUD library, a full and rich collection of fundamental reference books and current “must read” resources to broaden students’ approach to urban design.

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