Marguerite Yee Bursary in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Marguerite Yee, 1996 (UBC Library Digital Collections)

Marguerite Yee Bursary in Pharmaceutical Sciences

This Bursary Fund recognizes Marguerite Yee for her leadership contribution to the Faculty’s professional program, especially its students.

About This Project

Alumni and Friends established this Bursary Fund in recognition of the leadership contribution of Marguerite Yee, who served in diverse roles in support of the Faculty’s professional program up to her retirement in 2009 as a Senior Instructor and Director of Student Affairs.

Over her 36-year tenure, she made a lasting impression on each and every student who progressed through the entry-to-practice Pharmacy program. Students most appreciated her “tough love” approach to teaching and mentoring, and her encouragement of them in their studies and participation in professional activities. Marguerite was famous for her amazing memory of even the most seemingly insignificant detail mentioned in passing which showed that she was always listening.

As a UBC Pharmacy alumna herself (Class of 1969), Marguerite came to B.C. from Ontario to pursue her studies, accessing government student loans in order to do so. So, when she was approached to have an award established in her honour, she knew she wanted to provide financial aid to those who needed it. The bursaries assist students as they enter the second, third and fourth years of the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy program.

Over the years, alumni contributions have grown the Bursary Fund so that Marguerite may continue her important work of impressing upon generations of students. She is a recipient of the 2003 Pillar of Pharmacy Award of the Canadian Foundation of Pharmacy—the first B.C. recipient of the award—in recognition of her lifelong commitment to the profession and efforts to raise the standards of pharmacy practice.

Interactions with Marguerite continue to be cited by alumni as the best memories they have of their time spent at UBC. Alumna, Dr. Salvi Parpia (Class of 1984)—who describes Marguerite as an inspiration to her—was instrumental in providing seed funding for the Bursary Fund.

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