Life Sciences Institute


Strengthening research, education, and outreach in the Life Sciences

The UBC Life Sciences Institute (LSI) – home to more than 85 principal investigators and their research labs from 10 different departments across five faculties – is poised to become a major global contributor of life science research and education. Ranked as #23 in the “Times Higher Education” world university rankings in the life sciences, LSI’s multidisciplinary teams create the largest institute of its kind in Canada. The LSI is leading the way in unravelling medicine’s greatest challenges and providing the data needed by the healthcare system through an evidence-based approach to achieve more precise management of health and treatment of disease.

Recent discoveries at the UBC LSI are garnering interest in medical circles around the world. In many cases, further investigation could lead to breakthrough drugs and therapies. For example, LSI researchers pinpointed the gene that causes heart arrhythmia, and additional research could uncover ways to manipulate the gene’s behaviour and potentially cure the condition. LSI researchers are also part of an international collaboration that demonstrated it is possible, in principle, to correct the underlying genetic defect associated with Down’s syndrome. This finding has major implications for individuals and families living with Down’s syndrome, as it provides compelling evidence that chromosome therapy could be developed to stop the syndrome in its tracks.

Your investment in the LSI will support leading-edge multidisciplinary research, the recruitment and training of scientists and clinical practitioners, and the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment – all of which would ultimately lead towards improved treatment of disease and an improved ability to maintain wellness.