UBC Library Gift-in-Kind Support Program

UBC Library

When a donor makes a gift-in-kind donation to the UBC Library, the Library is faced with significant costs to ensure the appropriate treatment of that donation. Not only must existing materials be maintained and preserved, processing new gifts often necessitates such costs as shipping, appraisals, bibliographical searching, cataloguing and description, and, increasingly, digital uploading and adding descriptive keywords to records so that digital collections can be located online.

Without the resources to process new gift-in-kind materials, culturally valuable materials are at risk of becoming “hidden collections” that are largely inaccessible to students and scholars.

Your financial gift will support the Library’s gift-in-kind program to ensure that rare books, collections and items are made fully accessible to students and researchers, both at UBC and beyond, so that these important materials can receive the care and attention they deserve.

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