UBC Library Collection Enrichment Fund

Book of Hours

Collections form the heart of UBC Library.

Our collections – including over 7.9 million volumes and over 2.3 million e-books – allow UBC Library to maintain its standing as one of the top North American research libraries and the second biggest academic research library in Canada.

The UBC Library Collection Enrichment Fund helped support the Gale Points to the Past Collection. Collaboration with different universities in British Columbia has allowed UBC Library to provide 4.6 million British Columbia residents access to this database (www.pointstothepast.ca), which holds nearly 200 million pages of digital historical contents.

UBC Library’s ability to continue to focus on uncovering hidden collections, acquiring rare and significant works, and to develop an innovative preservation program is integral to its mission. Your support will ensure that we can offer the rich collections and services required of a top-tier academic library in the 21st century.