Cultivate Student Leaders

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Cultivate Student Leaders

Throughout history, students made possible the opportunities we cherish today.

About This Project

Throughout UBC’s history, students have made possible many of the opportunities we cherish today, not by knowing the right answers, but in learning how to ask insightful questions and put the solutions into practice.

In 1922 nearly 1200 students marched from downtown Vancouver to Point Grey and convinced the government to finish UBC’s flagship campus. In 2009 a new generation of students mobilized 2000 community members to save the UBC Farm. Students call attention to the questions we need to answer if we are to live worthwhile and meaningful lives. They are leaders in training who help define not only what our communities are today, but what they can be tomorrow. To generate these insights, students need opportunities to learn and grow, and we need to support them.

Students in Land and Food Systems are at the forefront of uncharted methodologies and processes—from finding solutions that protect food safety and promote human health, to discovering new processes that enhance the wellbeing of animals and all living things.

Our students are among the most active participants in UBC’s community-based learning initiative, connecting their academic work with their concern for enhancing communities.

Through placements with non-profits, government agencies, and industry partners, students develop research projects and analyze data. They share their results and conclusions with organizations and agencies that make use of this information to generate more resilient, sustainable communities.

As pioneers in bridging formerly segregated modes of inquiry, our students need opportunities and resources to stimulate their curiosity, foster their courage to pursue potential solutions, and nurture their compassion and concern for the human condition.

Scholarships, teaching and research assistantships, and resources for student projects, conferences, and research travel are the kind of support which open up opportunities for students to evolve into the inspiring and resourceful leaders needed for tomorrow.

Your financial support for students now will help shape the future. We invite you to join us on this great journey of building a sustainable tomorrow for all.

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