Leadership in Aboriginal Health and Global Health


The Faculty of Medicine is dedicated to contributing to the health of populations locally, provincially, nationally and globally. Among our values are treating all people fairly with respect and compassion, embracing diversity and equity, and reaching out to partners. We work with the communities we serve by actively responding to local, national and international health care needs, facilitating meaningful consultation, and engaging in open and transparent dialogue.

The Faculty of Medicine is seeking support to recruit two world-class faculty members to provide outstanding leadership to further strengthen our contributions in two crucial areas – Aboriginal Health and Global Health.

The Chair in Aboriginal Health would expand educational opportunities for Aboriginal people in the health care and life sciences professions, and strengthen the focus on Aboriginal issues and perspectives in health education and research. The Chair would also increase engagement with Aboriginal communities so students can gain experience working with Aboriginal people and researchers can conduct studies grounded in significant community collaboration and consultation.

The Chair in Global Health would ensure all medical students and residents obtain core competencies in global health. The Chair would also lead the process of identifying future research challenges in global health and developing innovative strategies that address the broad determinants of health (for example, income, education and safe water, homes and workplaces) to promote health and prevent disease. New international visiting scientist programs, student work abroad programs and international research collaborations established by the Chair would foster partnerships between the Faculty of Medicine and the global community.

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