Inspire the Next Generation of Pharmacists at UBC

UBC Pharm Sci Whitecoat Ceremony
UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences White Coat Ceremony 2017. Photo Credit: Justin Ohata

Inspire the Next Generation of Pharmacists at UBC

Please make a donation to support the White Coat Ceremony. You will help to instill a sense of optimism and professionalism in the next generation of healthcare professionals—and inspire them to shape the profession of pharmacy for the better.

About This Project

We need your support for a wonderful Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences tradition. Since 2004, we have welcomed every new undergraduate class at our annual White Coat Ceremony. It’s a special moment for all our incoming students, as they are invited on stage to don their pharmacist’s coat, and to read the Pledge of Professionalism.

Please support the White Coat Ceremony today.

The White Coat Ceremony is an important first step in a student’s journey. It instills a sense of pride and belonging, while reinforcing the ethical and professional responsibilities of the profession. We are hoping to raise $5,000 from our alumni to support the purchase of white coats for our next ceremony in the fall—and with your support I know we can do it.

So the story goes, pharmacists originally adopted the white coat for two reasons. Practically, it was easy to wash at high temperatures—but it also inspired a sense of optimism and professionalism in both the wearer and their patients. The white coat is also a symbol of our community. To be cloaked on stage in front of their peers, family, friends and educators is a powerful moment for all new students—and one that reminds them of the ability they have to make a real and lasting difference in the health and welfare of others.

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