Connecting Past and Present: Persian Language and Iranian Studies at UBC

Persian Language and Iranian Studies at UBC Photo: UBC Flickr
Persian Language and Iranian Studies at UBC

Persian culture, religion and literature have had an extraordinary impact the world over and the enduring influences of Persian civilization are evident in many disciplines. As such, UBC is committed to exploring the cultural and historical legacies within history, literature, art, music, architecture, politics and philosophy.

To improve intercultural understanding among UBC’s diverse student body and the global community it serves, UBC has taken a leadership role in teaching and building research excellence in Persian language and Iranian studies.

“As a girl from a religious minority and who is not welcome to visit Iran (her motherland), your classes have enabled me to learn about the history of my family, where I come from, and what I have to be proud about through my heritage. This is a gift no one else has been able to give me up until this point in my life.”
– Camelia Alikashan

Since 2011, the Department of Asian Studies has offered Persian language courses for non-heritage and heritage learners, introduced students to Persian language and culture, and expanded course offerings by successfully piloting courses on Persian literature, Iranian history and civilization, and Iranian cinema. Building on this success, UBC seeks long-term funding for the following:

  • Assistant Professor of Persian Literature and Iranian Studies
  • Persian Language Lectureship
  • Lectures and events

Help inspire students to become innovative leaders and global citizens who understand the complex background and rich history of Iran. There has never been a better time to champion Persian language and Iranian studies at UBC.