Imagine a World where Every Child Thrives!

Imagine a World where Every Child Thrives!

The arts, physical exercise, and play are being squeezed out of school curricula — so more time and resources can be devoted to academic instruction and testing. Yet indications are that the arts (such as music, dance, or theatre) and physical activity (such as team sports, martial arts, or circus) are critical for all aspects of children’s development (social, emotional, cognitive, and physical) – including success in school! Contribute what you can – large or small -- to make possible the studies so critically needed to demonstrate to policymakers and administrators, in language they understand, that the arts and physical activities are critical for the outcomes we want for our children and our nation.

About This Project

Schools are cutting back on exactly those programs that are likely needed for children to thrive and achieve the most academically.

We, at the Division of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience at UBC are experts in this type of research. Our research has changed medical guidelines worldwide for the treatment of two significant disorders and impacted early childhood policy. The division is headed by Canada Research Chair, Adele Diamond, who was recently named one of the 15 most influential neuroscientists.

Correlational studies and case studies have laid the groundwork, as have movingPicture1 personal accounts and theoretical arguments. The time is ripe now for the rigorous scientific studies that can demonstrate that the arts and physical activities are not simply associated with benefits, but cause those benefits, and not just for a hand-picked few but for most children.

If you believe that the arts and/or physical activities can transform kids’ lives, now is the time to step up!

Please donate now. Together, we can demonstrate that what nourishes the human spirit also happens to be best for school success!

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