Ibn Battuta Award for Field Research

Ibn Battuta Award for Field Research


The Ibn Battuta Award for Field Research enables UBC’s best students to conduct research missions in Muslim-majority countries, most of which remain poorly understood in the West, and overlooked as destinations for graduate study. You can make your donation to support the award here.

Inspired by the epic travels of the Moroccan explorer Ibn Battuta in the 14th Century, this award promotes good practices in field research methods and facilitates a mutually rewarding process of cross-cultural discovery. It enables students of any discipline to conduct graduate research in fascinating but misunderstood places like Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Tajikistan and Western China.

Please make a donation to support this culturally significant award. Your support for the Ibn Battuta Award for Field Research will promote an improved understanding of Muslim civilizations through scholarly field research in a wide variety of disciplines.

Here are a few testimonials from past Award recipients:

“I am grateful for the Ibn Battuta Award to allow me to embark upon a big journey towards understanding the political culture of Turkey, and its transformation, which is vital to grasp to reconcile the past and present of Turkey. My work focuses on repercussions of political violence on political culture. Political violence damages nations, and revealing the different aspects of that damage requires an arduous and meticulous work. In a country like Turkey which bears tension between secularism and religion, different ethnic groups, and eastern and western cultures, the task is even harder. My journey is not complete yet, but I was lucky to start somewhere with the support and help of Ibn Battuta Award.”

Sule (2010)

“Evidence suggests that non-western students struggle with many culturally unfamiliar topics in the International English Language Proficiency Test (IELTS), which is the main point of inquiry in our research project. Thanks to the generous funding we received, we were able to conduct our study and collect helpful data from IELTS test takers as well as IELTS instructors in the context of Iran and we are currently performing the data analysis. The findings will hopefully serve to contribute to the enhancement of the fairness of IELTS test, which affects the lives of many students in Muslim-majority countries including Iran.”

Nasrin and Ismaeil (2011)

“At a time when critical and non-instrumental research is generally being defunded across the academy – both here and elsewhere, awards like this are all the more precious to young scholars like myself and l would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude”

David (2013)