The History Education Network/Histoire et éducation en réseau (THEN/HiER)

South Branch House Excavation Caravan
South Branch House Excavation Caravan. Photo credit: Saskatchewan Archaeological Society

Research Informed Practice: Practice Informed Research.

Do you want to see real change is how history is taught and learned across Canada? The mandate of the History Education Network/Histoire et éducation en réseau (THEN/HiER) is to promote best practices in history education. Our work provides opportunities for collaboration among various constituencies involved in history education, including the work of the Historical Thinking Project, led by Dr. Peter Seixas in the Faculty of Education at UBC. THEN/HiER also provides fertile research connections with international stakeholders.

Your support will help raise students’ historical consciousness and heighten understanding of collective heritage, improving not only their learning, but also their positions as global citizens.

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