Help Revitalize the Old Pond Trail – In Memory of Allan King


The Okanagan campus has exciting plans to redevelop a portion of the Old Pond trail system, in memory of Allan King. Al spent more than 30 years with Okanagan College, Okanagan University College and UBC Okanagan. He was a big supporter of the campus trail system and made its creation and improvement a high priority. Your donation to the Allan King Memorial Fund will help make this popular trail safer and more enjoyable for all.

Those who knew Al remember him as a great champion of safety, sustainability, and the environment. He was the driving force behind many campus environmental initiatives, and his commitment to sustainability was recognized by the City of Kelowna in 2010 when Al was given the Mayor’s Award for “Most Environmentally Dedicated Individual.” He was always willing to share his knowledge and, as part of this project, we will officially recognize him with a tribute marker.

This year, we plan to renew a 400-foot section of the Old Pond trail. The project aims include improving the path, creating a lookout, landscaping with stones, providing seating and installing a trail marker. The site will further be enhanced with indigenous plantings to encourage vigorous native growth.

Whether you are a walker, a birdwatcher, or simply enjoy spending time outside on our beautiful campus, your contribution will help to revitalize a beautiful part of our campus, and everyone will see the benefits. Please make a gift to the trail renewal project in memory of Al King, or simply as an expression of your values. Thank you.