Change the world. Support great minds.

Change the world. Support great minds.

Great minds don’t think alike—they challenge convention. But they need your support to do it.

By making a gift today to support UBC students, you will help them change the world.

About This Project

Great minds think differently. They challenge convention—and human history would look very different without people who were brave enough to question popular belief.

With a gift to support them, you can help great minds at UBC define our better future.

Here at UBC right now, there are students working on innovative projects that are making our world better—from water purification to wildfire management, and from Indigenous legal programs to rural community projects.

Students are our future. One of the best ways we can help them create a better world is to make sure every student—no matter their perspective—has the opportunity to explore their ideas to their full potential. Supporting diversity helps to unlock creativity and stimulate independent thinking.

Through the Blue & Gold Campaign for Students, UBC is committed to helping the best and brightest students, no matter the barriers they face, to come to UBC and succeed. By changing their world, you can help them to change ours.

Please make a gift to support UBC students. You will amplify their potential to create innovative solutions to the challenges we face—and you will help to make the world a better place.

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