Graduate Student Fellowships

The Faculty of Education has launched a new initiative to increase the number of Fellowships available to PhD students. The program aims to bring the best and brightest doctoral students from across Canada and around the world to the hallowed halls of UBC.

Fellowships are awarded to students who demonstrate an outstanding level of academic achievement. They provide students with hands-on work experience through an intensive combination of seminars, research, and a broad curriculum of skills development.

Fellows take on significant responsibility in exchange for the work experience typically unavailable in entry-level jobs. They gain the skills, insight, and work experience necessary to flourish as leaders in their field. However, program participation poses some unique challenges.

Students earn far less working in a Fellowship than a full-time job. Compensation for a 9-12 month program typically varies from $10,000 to $25,000. While various benefits are included as part of the package, it’s a modest annual wage by today’s economic standards.

By providing talented doctoral students with a stable source of funding, the Faculty of Education hopes to build-up the Canadian education system by attracting some of the most brilliant young minds to the shores of BC. Increased funding for Graduate Student Fellowships is a terrific example of how the Faculty of Education is improving education practices through innovative program development.

UBC remains committed to providing students with intellectually rigorous, innovative, and interdisciplinary programs. Your gift not only enables the Faculty of Education to train the next generation of PhDs, but also to train them as professionals who can use education to enhance the well-being of people and communities.

Invest in tomorrow today. Support the initiative to increase Graduate Student Fellowships across the Faculty of Education by donating online or contact us to learn more about how you can get involved with the University of British Columbia.


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