UBC project Globe in Peace is making lasting peace possible in post-genocide Rwanda

Globe In Peace

UBC project Globe in Peace is making lasting peace possible in post-genocide Rwanda

The genocide of 1994 in Rwanda was one of the bleakest moments in African history. 800,000 Tutsis were killed by Hutu extremists and, just nine years later, 63,000 convicted killers were released back into the communities they had destroyed. It is almost impossible to imagine a true reconciliation happening in these circumstances, but Globe in Peace is already making it possible. Your donation will allow the UBC project team to help more communities come to terms with their tragic pasts and work together to build a peaceful future. Please make a donation today.

About This Project

Globe in Peace is an amazing UBC project that is using an innovative approach to foster healing and reconciliation in post-genocide areas. Led by Drs. Masahiro Minami and Ishu Ishiyama, it is already making a big difference in people’s lives in Rwanda.

Instead of verbally seeking forgiveness, the Globe in Peace project uses actions and shared work activities to foster a natural and spontaneous process of emotional healing between perpetrators and survivors. Perpetrators who participate in the project do NOT ask for forgiveness. Rather, they offer their labour as a concrete act of apology for surviving victims. A miracle of humanity and human relationships emerges when survivors decide to receive this gesture.

The stories the project has been responsible for so far demonstrate that, over time, a deep human relationship can develop between perpetrators and victims, where previously there was only fear and mistrust. By supporting the Globe in Peace project, you will be helping more communities which have been torn apart by ethnic conflict find a lasting peace.

Currently, supporters of this remarkable initiative have also come together to undertake a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign in support of Globe in Peace. To find out more about their efforts, and to watch a moving video about the project, please go to the campaign homepage. You can also make a donation at this page.


ABPRA Program and the Globe in Peace Project
In the peace-building and ethnic conflict-preventing framework, Masahiro Minami at the University of British Columbia (UBC) developed an innovative reconciliation program called the Action-Based Psychosocial Reconciliation Approach (ABPRA) incorporating therapeutic principles of Japanese Morita therapy and contact theory. The Program is designed to foster interpersonal and interethnic reconciliation between offenders and surviving victims of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, and to help both groups move beyond unforgiveness, guilt, hatred, and anguish toward psychosocial healing and peaceful coexistence. Minami’s recent study (2014) showed promising results of facilitating reconciliation through shared work activities.

The purpose of the Globe in Peace Project is to extend the delivery of the original ABPRA Program involving over 500 working pairs (n=1000+) in multiple Rwandan communities across the country. The efficacy and impact of the project is also investigated scientifically through the Morita Research Grant projects.


Project Contacts

  • Suzanne Scott, PhD
  • Assistant Dean, Development & Alumni Engagement
  • Tel: 604.827.5213
  • suzanne.scott@ubc.ca

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