Global Reporting Centre

Global Reporting Centre

Media companies have closed foreign bureaus and cut back on investigative reporting. While citizen journalists, social media and the regular feed of short foreign news stories can keep the public informed on day-to-day events around the world, there is little space for enterprise reporting on complex global issues, which requires skill, time and money.

About This Project

The current model of global journalism has collapsed, and studies show that, in many ways, we know less about the world than ever before. Events and topics that do not warrant headline news are often ignored by cash-strapped and understaffed news organizations.

UBC strives to address the gap in deeply reported global news. Building on the success of the International Reporting Program, a course that allows graduate students to travel overseas and carry out enterprise reporting projects, the university seeks to build the Global Reporting Centre.

With donor support, the GRC will be the first major non-profit institute in North America focused exclusively on teaching, practicing and innovating global investigative and enterprise reporting. This transformative undertaking will:

  • Create a space for technological and practical innovation, public engagement and open online access to content.
  • Support pilot global reporting projects, partner with traditional and new media organizations for joint investigations, and fund travel and research stipends to journalists for story scouting.
  • Recruit top-tier journalists, whose presence will enrich the classes taught, offering an opportunity to grow future leaders in the field.


Join us to inspire young journalists and provide coverage of under-reported issues.

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