Feed a hungry student. Nourish a young mind.

UBC Okanagan Food Bank

Feed a hungry student. Nourish a young mind.

A growing number of students across Canada are experiencing hunger and food insecurity. This has resulted in the creation of food banks on almost every college and university campus across the country—including at UBC Okanagan.

About This Project

According to the 2016 report “Hungry for Knowledge” by the national non-profit organization Meal Exchange, 40% of Canadian post-secondary students experience some form of food insecurity. That can mean compromising on food quality, or even skipping meals. It’s no secret that for many students, money is tight. At times, too tight to afford even the basics.

Donate to the UBC Okanagan Food Exchange today.

That’s why the Food Exchange, a free program that makes food available to UBC Okanagan students in need, is so valuable. The program is run entirely by volunteers and depends on donations from students, local businesses and alumni, like you.

Help us to continue to provide quality, nutritious food to students in need by making a donation now. With your support, more students will have access to:

  • Lean protein such as canned tuna, chicken, and salmon
  • Vegetarian-friendly protein like peanut and almond butter, and beans
  • Staples like rice, pasta, vegetable oil, and flour
  • Fresh produce, including apples, oranges, potatoes, and carrots
  • Bread, breakfast cereals, and oatmeal

Melany Sanchez is a volunteer with the Food Exchange program and knows just how important it is: “Having been food insecure at times during my time at UBC Okanagan, I understand the need for this program and most importantly, the need for more awareness and less stigma on this subject.”

Just $10 buys enough food for two days, while $25 can provide food basics for a week, and $100 will supply a student with staples for an entire month. Please support the UBC Okanagan Food Exchange program now.

Together, we can conquer food insecurity on our campus.

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Phone 604.827.4111 or toll-free in North America 1.877.717-GIVE

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