Family Planning Research – improving lives for vulnerable women and families

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Family Planning Research – improving lives for vulnerable women and families

UBC’s Contraception Access Research Team (CART) is conducting research with health decision makers to understand if universal subsidy for contraceptives would help families and save health system costs. CART’s research will ensure equitable access to high-quality family planning knowledge, methods and services for women and families throughout Canada. You can support research that makes a positive impact on Canadian families by making a donation.

About This Project

CART is a national, interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral collaboration led by Dr. Wendy Norman, UBC’s Chair in Family Planning Research, that addresses priority healthcare questions identified by key health policy leaders, health system decision makers, stakeholder community group representatives and primary healthcare professionals. The priority questions guide high-quality research by interdisciplinary academics and researchers-in-training.

In Canada about half of all pregnancies are unplanned, and nearly a third of Canadian women have an abortion. We know mothers from vulnerable situations—such as single working mothers, women living in poverty, with mental illness or in rural and remote locations—are more likely to have unintended pregnancies. CART’s aim is to promote equitable access to family planning knowledge, services and methods, supporting all women and families to be able to plan and space their pregnancies. Alongside this, it also aims to build capacity for long-term solutions through researcher-training, and develop approaches for measuring meaningful national reproductive health indicators in Canada.

The first step for the research program is a door-to-door women’s health survey that is currently underway throughout BC. This survey provides critical information on what women need. By supporting CART, you will help ensure that Dr. Norman is able to reach a large enough representative sample in order to fully understand the needs of women in the most vulnerable situations.

Please make a donation to support this vital work. Your support can make even more of a difference because a $50,000 matching gift is being offered by a generous donor to kick start this research.

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