Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Bursary


Bursaries are non-repayable awards for students demonstrating financial need. They ensure that university education remains financially accessible to students, and that students are not prevented from starting or continuing their studies for financial reasons.

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Bursary was created by alumni and friends for its undergraduate Pharmacy students. Pharmacy students benefit particularly from bursaries; the intensive, highly-academic nature of the curriculum and its emphasis on experiential education often prevents them from working part-time.

The 4-year, 166-credit Entry-to-Practice Doctor of Pharmacy degree program has an average tuition of approx. $16,500 per year, this is on top of student fees; textbooks; and supplies. Additional travel and accommodation costs often apply to required (unpaid) Experiential Education rotations, a portion of which must be completed outside Metro Vancouver. In most cases, students maintain two residences for the duration of their placements in rural areas of BC.

The cost of studying Pharmacy at UBC is perhaps highest for those students originating from outside the Lower Mainland. They face the additional expense of relocating and living in Vancouver—one of the most expensive cities in Canada—as well as seasonal travel expenses to/from their hometowns to visit family.