Black Box Theatre

The Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies (FCCS) at UBC’s Okanagan campus provides an exciting intellectual environment for examining various types of communication within society; the cultural forms, relationships and institutions that emerge; and the economic and political forces that underlie them. Programs in the areas of language, literary studies, cultural studies, art history, creative writing, and the visual and performing arts, explore different dimensions of these cultural expressions and relationships, as they relate to interactions among humans and between humans and other phenomena, both physical and abstract. The Faculty helps to cultivate the skills and knowledge base which help to interrogate our cultural and natural heritage; to determine which elements need to be preserved; to explore how best these can be sustained; and to better the human condition.

FCCS is distinct because all its programs bring creative, critical and interdisciplinary perspectives to bear on our understanding of issues within culture and society. This fundamental strength makes the Faculty a hub of rich intellectual stimulation and pragmatic solutions, because it integrates insights and approaches from diverse fields (including the humanities, social sciences, as well as the natural and applied sciences). It is also uniquely situated to offer students a rare opportunity to weave these perspectives into tangible creative projects such as documentary films, theatre, poetry, sculpture, painting, and installation art.

In order to enhance the ability of both graduate and undergraduate students to integrate theory and practice, within an interdisciplinary framework, UBC’s Okanagan campus proposes to build a black box theatre that will complement student learning and community engagement in the arts. Donors have an exclusive opportunity to further the vision of such an unrivalled Faculty. Support towards creating and naming the theatre will allow donors to strengthen student learning and research while creating a lasting legacy for UBC’s Okanagan campus and the wider community.

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