2016 Vancouver Campus Fundraising Appeal

In the last seven years, faculty and staff have donated nearly $15 million to UBC. That’s an amazing number. It is impressive to see people—who come to UBC every day to work hard and make a difference—still want to go over and above to support people and causes on campus.

This year, there are many ways to support our students with a donation. Please consider supporting the new Centennial Scholars Awards Program. UBC will match every gift made to the Centennial Scholars Program before March 31, 2016!

Whatever you would like to support, there are options all over campus, as indicated on the map above. We hope you will find an opportunity to give that is meaningful to you. Thank you for your support, and for everything you do for the university.

Priority Project: The Centennial Scholars Awards Program
Developed in celebration of UBC’s 100th anniversary, the Centennial Scholars Entrance Awards will enable students who have demonstrated academic leadership and extracurricular achievement—and who would not be able to attend university without significant financial assistance—to come to UBC and succeed.

Centennial Scholars Entrance Awards are available to students entering UBC directly from high school or transferring from another post-secondary institution. All gifts to this program will be matched 1:1 by the university, doubling the impact you will have for a student in financial need. These awards are renewable, so you will be helping to support students through their entire undergraduate degree

If you prefer to donate by payroll, click here.


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