2018 UBC Okanagan Faculty and Staff Appeal: Make a Matched Gift to the Blue & Gold Bursary

Haley Seven Deers always dreamed of going to UBC, but never believed it was an option for her. Today, thanks to the support of a donor-funded award, she is studying at the Okanagan campus. By supporting students, you can make a gift with a life-changing impact.

“I originally wanted to go to UBC but, because of my financial situation, I wasn’t able to,” she says. “When I got the scholarship it made all of my dreams come true. I was just so happy to have the opportunity to pursue my goals.”

For the 2018 UBC Okanagan Faculty and Staff Appeal, we encourage you to give to the Blue & Gold Bursary today—and UBC will match your gift.

Like Haley, there are many others who want to come to UBC, but need your help. And here on campus, students are struggling financially. Your donation could make the difference between success and failure for them.

Our faculty and staff already give so much to UBC Okanagan. Now, with a matched gift, you can help someone else do extraordinary things.

“These awards are truly life-changing for students,” says Haley. “Every donation is going to have a huge impact in other people’s lives—not just on the students but on all the people they will affect later on in their careers. It has such far-reaching impact within society.”

When you give to students, it comes back to you. By helping them succeed, you’re helping your local economy, your province, and the entire planet. And remember—UBC will match your gift, so you will have double the impact.

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