2017 Okanagan Campus Appeal: Two Valuable Opportunities to Help Our Students

Welcome to the 2017 UBC Okanagan Campus Fundraising Appeal.

Considering UBC Okanagan’s faculty and staff already do a tremendous amount to help make this university great, your generosity in donating to campus causes is deeply appreciated. There is no shortage of worthy causes on our campus. However, we have identified two which we believe every one of us can firmly get behind—helping our talented students make the best of their UBC Okanagan education. Please consider a donation today.

  • The Teaching and Learning Centre-Building Fund is your opportunity to transform the teaching and learning environment on our campus. Our library requires more space and new kinds of learning environments. Advancements in digital technology have radically altered the ways in which we teach and learn. These changes necessitate a modern learning environment to match. We received early and overwhelming support from our students, and most recently from government. We would deeply appreciate your support and, together, we can create a library for the 21st century.
  • The UBC Okanagan Graduate Scholarship empowers outstanding graduate students to conduct compelling and often visionary research. 2013 recipient Alysha Baker has already won numerous awards for her research in forensic pathology, which focuses on the challenge of detecting genuine remorse and how this can be applied in the criminal justice system. Your gift will help graduate students like Alysha improve the social, cultural, and economic quality of life for people in our region and beyond.

These are just two of the ways you can support the continued growth of our campus. Wherever you decide to direct your gift, you will be helping outstanding people in the Okanagan reach their full potential, and make an impact on the world. Thank you.