2018 UBC Vancouver Faculty and Staff Appeal: Double Your Impact for the Blue & Gold Bursary

Regan Oey grew up in Vancouver, but never believed UBC was an option for him. Today, thanks to the support of a donor-funded award, he is a second year student at the Vancouver campus. By supporting students, you can make a gift with a life-changing impact.

“I watched my mom work very hard as a single parent,” he says, “and I didn’t get to see her a lot. Without the entrance award, I’m not sure I would have been able to go to UBC. It gave me the opportunity to go to school, and to find who I am.”

For the 2018 UBC Vancouver Faculty and Staff Appeal, we encourage you to give to the Blue & Gold Bursary today—and UBC will match your gift.

Like Regan, there are many others who want to come to UBC, but need your help. And here on campus, students are struggling financially. Your donation could make the difference between success and failure for them.

Our faculty and staff already give so much to UBC. The university couldn’t exist without you. Now, with a matched gift, you can help a student do extraordinary things.

“I know it’s not easy to believe in an 18 year old,” says Regan, “to look at them and say ‘you’re going to do great things.’ For someone to believe in me like that, and to give me the opportunity to pursue things I’m really passionate about—it’s just so meaningful.”

Students are our future. Your donation will not just help students, but all the people their lives will impact because of their education. And remember—UBC will match your gift, so you will have double the impact.

Your gift will change their world—and empower them to change ours.

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