Engineering Student Experience Endowments and Awards

Engineering Student Experience Endowments and Awards

The Student Support Endowment strengthens the overall student experience through enhanced educational programs and activities. These relate not only to a vibrant, relevant curriculum and exposure to world-class faculty, but also relate to guest lectures, field trips, student clubs, professional skills development and co-curricular activities.

“Engineers take pride in being builders and creators – people who put things into action. What I learned at UBC is that our decisions have long-term consequences. I was a little guy who tried to find my place and this knowledge empowered me to believe that I can make a huge difference in the world.” – Trevor Bruce, UBC Engineering Alumnus

Engineering Student Awards:

Endowed and annual awards for students include scholarships and bursaries for undergraduate and graduate students. Named scholarships and bursaries, while inspiring students and allowing them to reach their full potential, also demonstrate confidence in our programs. Each donation of $30,000 will endow a named award in perpetuity. Each donation of $1,000 annually, pledged for 5 years, will create a named, annual award at UBC.

“It was more than just financial help.  It was someone saying, I see your value, and I want to invest in your learning and your future. I felt very privileged, and also felt a sense of responsibility. I decided to learn everything I could, so I could help give back to my community as much as possible.” – UBC Okanagan Electrical Engineering Student



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