Empower Indigenous Leaders

Ch’nook encourages and supports business education opportunities for Indigenous people throughout B.C. through a wide range of programs and activities. The Advanced Management Program provides business management skills to individuals from the Indigenous community with at least five years of work experience and a strong desire to start and manage business activities.

Empower Indigenous Leaders

The Ch’nook Indigenous Business Education initiative was created at the UBC Sauder School of Business in 2002 to increase the number of students engaged in meaningful business studies across British Columbia. Since then, Ch’nook has become a leading organization in the development and encouragement of business education for Indigenous learners.

About This Project

Ch’nook programming is 100% supported by our generous donors. Here’s how your gift can support Indigenous students:

  • $200 funds an honorarium for a guest speaker
  • $2,000 covers one annual award for a Ch’nook Scholar
  • $4,000 covers all of the annual costs of a Ch’nook Scholar
  • $6,000 pays the tuition of a local Aboriginal Management Program (AMP) student
  • $12,000 pays the tuition of an Aboriginal Management Program (AMP) student who requires travel and accommodation

Giving to Ch’nook empowers Indigenous students to reach their full potential as knowledgeable and innovative members of the business community.

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Phone 604.827.4111 or toll-free in North America 1.877.717-GIVE

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