Dr. Suzanne Hetzel Campbell Endowment for Nursing Student Leaders

Dr. Suzanne Hetzel Campbell Endowment for Nursing Student Leaders

The Dr. Suzanne Hetzel Campbell Endowment for Nursing Student Leaders will support emerging leaders at both the nursing undergraduate and graduate levels, especially those who demonstrate a passion for community involvement and social justice. This fund will support students to grow and succeed in their nursing leadership development by funding opportunities that could include essential course work, conference participation, research presentations and related travel expenses.

About This Project

Since 1919, UBC’s School of Nursing has prided itself on being an active, vibrant and dynamic member of our university community, our province and our country. UBC Nursing continues to be at the cutting edge of research, practice, and education—using innovative methods to teach the next generation of nursing leaders.

Dr. Suzanne Campbell has served as Director of the School of Nursing from July 2012 through to June 2017. The UBC community has been privileged to benefit from her leadership and mentoring in nursing research, teaching, administration and philanthropy. In honour of her contributions to the school, please support our students with a donation to the Dr. Suzanne Hetzel Campbell Endowment for Nursing Student Leaders.

Suzanne shares the following reflection: “When I began as Director at the School of Nursing, I quickly recognized the immense impact of the many endowments, scholarships, and student support initiatives that exist at this school given its long history and importance within the province. At that time I decided to create a fund, which I have donated to regularly, to build an endowment to support our future nursing leaders. I have been provided a unique opportunity as Director to see the impact of UBC School of Nursing throughout many communities locally, provincially, nationally and globally. The nurse leaders at and from UBC Nursing have had international impact on nursing care and an inspiring vision that has supported us through significant changes.”

Please join us in supporting our future nursing leaders! Thank you for your generous donation.

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