The Dr. Charles Shuler Research Fellowship Fund

Dr. Charles Shuler

The Dr. Charles Shuler Research Fellowship Fund

The Dr. Charles Shuler Research Fellowship has been created to recognize Dean Schuler’s contributions to UBC Dentistry. Please make a donation to the fellowship in honour of his legacy and help to ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate in research.

About This Project

Dr. Charles F. Shuler served as dean of the UBC Faculty of Dentistry from 2007 to 2017. His leadership during two terms oversaw many changes and advancements. He was instrumental in establishing the clinical specialty graduate programs in endodontics, orthodontics, prosthodontics and pediatric dentistry. He initiated and stewarded the extensive renovations of the John B. Macdonald Building including the construction of the graduate specialty clinic, computer learning centre, Graduate Students Commons, several new conference rooms and problem-based learning meeting room.

From day one Dean Shuler paid particular attention to reconnecting with alumni across the province, the country and internationally. The success of the faculty’s development and alumni engagement program may be attributed to his unyielding and enthusiastic involvement.

Students have always been at the heart of his enormous passion for teaching and learning. The latter most evident through his contributions in the areas of problem-based learning and recent dental curriculum redevelopment. Whether he connected with them during a lecture, in the clinic, or at a social event, a decade of students—now close to a thousand dentists and dental hygienists—hold Dean Shuler in high regard.

Dr. Shuler’s commitment to research deserves special recognition—be it in the capacity of his own investigative scholarship, his advocacy for evidence-based education, his advising role for graduate students, his championing of faculty and students’ achievements, his support of research infrastructure and early-stage faculty research. Collectively, all of these contributions have helped to drive institutional research success.

The Dr. Charles Shuler Research Fellowship Fund will build the capacity of oral health research by students at UBC Dentistry by supporting training and associated research project costs. Your contribution will help strengthen academic scholarship, will advance our understanding of craniofacial health and support development of the next generation of oral health researchers.

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