Dean of Forestry Scholarship Fund

The undergraduate and graduate student learning experience is central to everything we do in the Faculty of Forestry. Our alumni and friends have helped to raise an endowment for the Dean of Forestry Scholarship Fund. Scholarships will be awarded each year to the Faculty’s most deserving students.

Your support to this fund will enable the Faculty to provide more scholarships to students, who will get the chance to learn the skills to effect great changes for our forests and our world.

Currently there are more students that the Faculty would like to support and recognize then there are funds available. Your support will ensure there is a strong pool of talented professionals ready to help drive forward the profession and ensure a robust forestry sector for the future. Forestry graduates play a vital role in a broad range of areas that impact us all, from natural resource management and climate change mitigation, to innovations in wood products, processing and sustainable development solutions. Your investment is an investment in the future.

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