Ch’nook Indigenous Business Education: Fostering Aboriginal Indigenous Business Leadership

Ch’nook encourages and supports business education opportunities for Aboriginal people throughout B.C. through a wide range of programs and activities. The Advanced Management Program (2010 grads pictured above) provides business management skills to individuals from the Aboriginal community with at least five years of work experience and a strong desire to start and manage business activities.


Successful Aboriginal businesses run by Aboriginal managers are crucial to ensure the self-sufficiency and sustained economic growth of Aboriginal communities. The Ch’nook Indigenous Business Education initiative at the Sauder School of Business is an investment in future generations of Aboriginal business leaders, and the future of business in Canada.

Established in 2002 as a collaborative effort of UBC’s First Nations House of Learning and the Sauder School of Business, Ch’nook offers a full range of business education opportunities for Aboriginal participants, including the exploration of business education and career opportunities for high-school students though our Ch’nook Cousins Program; scholarship, networking, conference and internship opportunities for full-time Aboriginal business students in BC through our Ch’nook Scholars Program; and the Aboriginal Management Program (AMP), for Aboriginal participants looking to develop fundamental business knowledge and skills including accounting, finance, human resources, information systems, marketing, operations, and strategic planning.

Ch’nook Indigenous Business Education has established a network that includes 24 post-secondary institutions, the Ch’nook Aboriginal Advisory Council, Ch’nook Scholars, Ch’nook Cousins, Aboriginal Community leaders and members, and members of the business community. Through this solid framework, Ch’nook provides critical business training to develop management capacity that will generate sustainable economic growth and, in turn, sustainable communities.

Ch’nook aims to significantly increase the number of students engaged in meaningful business studies across BC. Increased participation in Ch’nook will make a genuine difference in Aboriginal communities by empowering and enabling their youth to reach their full potential as knowledgeable and innovative members of the business community.

Your gift to Ch’nook may support:

  • opportunities for students to attend Ch’nook’s twice-annual gatherings
  • access to internships, industry conferences and financial awards through the Ch’nook Scholars network
  • students attending the Aboriginal Management Program. Support can be tailored to focus on the needs of specific communities.
  • Ch’nook Cousins mentorship events. Funding can go to support singular events or a number of events by funding one of our regional routes throughout the province.

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