Boye Ahlborn Endowment for the Engineering Physics Project Lab—Scaling Up the Future of BC Entrepreneurship

Boye Ahlborn Endowment for the Engineering Physics Project Lab—Scaling Up the Future of BC Entrepreneurship

Think of an innovation that has impacted your life, or has the potential to change it forever. A new medical device, an automotive fuel cell, or a quantum computer? Whatever the technology, Western Canada hasn’t simply been consuming innovation, we’ve been helping drive it—in large part thanks to UBC’s Engineering Physics Project Lab and its long-standing role as a stoker of young tech talent.

About This Project

Sparked by the foresight and commitment of former Program Director Boye Ahlborn and the Engineering Physics Class of 1978, the Project Lab embodies the enthusiasm of UBC Engineering Physics students for the potential of technology and entrepreneurship to transform human lives.

However, its full potential has yet to be realized. With your support, to celebrate its 40th anniversary, Engineering Physics Director Andre Marziali aims to expand the Project Lab into an even greater generator of West Coast innovation.

Thanks to a lead donation from Fizz alumnus Scott Phillips (BASc 1989), the newly established Boye Ahlborn Endowment for the Engineering Physics Project Lab is dedicated to scaling up the Project Lab’s ability to support and educate innovative and entrepreneurial Fizz students, by extending lab resources, equipment, facilities and staff expertise, and by supporting student development initiatives.

We aim to raise $2 million for the endowment, creating a permanent major funding source for the core of UBC’s Engineering Physics program, and significantly impacting the greater entrepreneurial potential of BC.

The endowment will:
• Extend lab resources and staff expertise to new areas of machine control, including AI and machine-learning
• Expand and create opportunities for students to develop personal skills in leadership and team management
• Enable industry-experienced staff to engage sponsors and assist students in working at the forefront of their fields
• Provide access to state-of-the-art prototyping equipment and facilities
• Support student development, including field trips, conferences and competitions
• Provide student design teams with short- and long-term resources
• Recruit and retain innovative students

Scott Phillips has generously committed another $250,000 to match donations to the endowment from alumni, entrepreneurs and friends of Engineering Physics. Please consider making your own donation, and Scott will match your support dollar for dollar.

Scott Phillips (BASc 1989)

Project Contacts

  • Jonathan Doan
  • Associate Director, Faculty of Applied Science
  • Tel: 604-827-4879

Need Help?

Phone 604.827.4111 or toll-free in North America 1.877.717-GIVE

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