Allard School of Law Bursary

The Allard School of Law is dedicated to educating future leaders who are committed to making the world a better place. For those who want to pursue a legal education for the greater good of society, it is crucial that law school is a realizable goal regardless of one’s financial circumstances. With your support, the Allard School of Law is committed to increasing its provision of student financial aid.

The Allard School of Law has a relatively low tuition compared to other Canadian law schools.  While this might seem to be an advantage for access to legal education, our tuition places very real limitations on our ability to offer student financial aid.  As a result, we are unable to complete with other Canadian law schools which offer three to five times more bursary support than ever.

Your gift to the Allard School of Law Bursary will provide more outstanding students with the opportunity to become exceptional global citizens who are committed to promoting the values of a just, civil, and sustainable society.

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