Allard School of Law Bursary


“The bursary fund has provided me with much-needed support. It allowed me to focus on my studies and reduced my financial anxiety throughout law school. The generosity demonstrated by donors to the bursary fund inspires me to excel in my studies.”
– Anonymous Recipient of a 2014 Bursary Award

The Allard School of Law Bursary was established through alumni donations in 1985, the Faculty’s 40th anniversary. Making a donation to the fund allows you to make a significant difference for our students. By easing their financial burden, a bursary award lets students focus on their studies and become more involved in the outstanding learning opportunities the law school provides.

Student financial aid is a priority for the Allard School of Law. We are committed to ensuring that legal education is accessible to Canada’s best and brightest students, regardless of financial and other barriers. The provision of legal education has become significantly more resource-intensive and expensive, and donor support helps the law school to offer a student financial aid program that is competitive with other institutions in Canada. It also helps us to attract and retain a diverse range of students who are qualified to serve the legal profession and society.

With your support, the Allard School of Law is committed to increasing its provision of student financial aid. Please join us and together we can ensure that the next generation of law students have the same opportunities as those in the past had to thrive at law school and beyond.

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