Adapted Physical Activity at the School of Kinesiology

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The University of British Columbia’s School of Kinesiology is seeking to create a Chair in Adapted Physical Activity to support research, teaching, undergraduate & graduate student learning and engage the community in the field of Adaptive Activity and Movement Strategies to support people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities.

Adapted Physical Activity encompasses the needs of specialized and diverse populations across the lifespan, and supports inclusion for all. The majority of people will require Adapted Physical Activity at some point in their lives, for example, as part of exercise therapy for rehabilitation or to manage changing abilities and prevent chronic conditions. Seniors are an example of a population who can benefit from adapted activity and are the fastest-growing age group in North America. Regardless of the population served, Adapted Physical Activity’s goal is to modify environments and activities to enable full involvement of all groups. The establishment of a Chair will benefit individuals of all ages, physical and intellectual abilities.

“This position will create a vital link between scientists and clinicians at UBC, in Canada and around the world, and help develop physical activity policies and practices that can enhance inclusion, accessibility and wellbeing for all people living with disabilities.”
Rick Hansen, Co-Chair, Rick Hansen Foundation


“Special Olympics Canada is excited about the potential legacies of UBC hosting the 2014 Special Olympics Canada Summer Games. A Chair in Adapted Physical Activity will promote inclusion and engage communities, and focused research in the field will enhance athlete development and improve health.“
Lindsay Glassco, President & CEO, Special Olympics Canada

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