The 2016 UBC Annual Alumni Appeal

The difference you can make for our students by becoming a donor becomes more significant every year. With the cost of living rising and government funding accounting for less of university operating resources, the financial burden that falls on the students themselves is growing. But every year our alumni community grows too—and so does your collective power to help the next generation. By supporting UBC students, you can ensure that everyone has a chance to succeed.

Here are two current UBC students explaining what a big difference your support will make:

“Donors changed my life. They made my education at UBC possible. Their support has been the light in some of my most challenging moments, reminding me that I am a more than just a student from a low income family; that I belong at UBC. All the fear and anxiety I feel when it comes to achieving my goals fades away, because I have a support system cheering me on.”

— Maryam Osman


“Donor support gives students the chance to make the best use of their time at university. Now, instead of working a second job, I can take on volunteer work related to my career goals. I can devote more time to study when I need to. And I have that little bit more mental energy—that bit of inspiration—that can mean the difference between getting by, and getting better.”

— Saliha Patel

Today, you have the opportunity to make a difference for UBC students. Please make a donation to support students in need. Your gift will help free students from financial worry and allow them to focus more time on their studies. You will give them the sense of self-confidence that comes from knowing they have a community of alumni helping them to succeed.


The costs depicted in the image above are based on an undergraduate entering the Faculty of Arts. For some students, such as in Sauder and Pharmacy, these costs can be substantially greater. To find out more, please see the UBC Cost Calculator:

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