Past Events

Uniquely UBC: Days and Nights with Leonard Cohen

An evening of celebration and reflection on the life and work of legendary Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen. With Professor Ira Nadel (English), Leonard Cohen’s biographer, we explored the remarkable intersections between Cohen’s life and art, learn something of the personal man, and discover what it was like to be with Cohen in the recording studio, his Mt. Baldy Zen retreat and the “Tower of Song.”

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Uniquely UBC: Uno Langmann Family Collection of BC Photographs

Dr. Uno Langmann, LLD’15, collector, historian, and storyteller, and University Librarian Ingrid Parent, BA’70, BLS’71, engage in discussion about the importance of preserving history, the value of making historical photographs accessible to the public, and the dive into the backstory of the Uno Langmann Family Collection of BC Photographs.  Guests were also invited to explore early BC history through the NANITCH exhibit at Presentation House Gallery.

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Uniquely UBC: An Evening with Wade Davis Podcast

Wade Davis, Professor of Anthropology and the BC Leadership Chair in Cultures and Ecosystems at Risk at the University of British Columbia, invites a Uniquely UBC audience on a world journey that celebrates the wisdom of indigenous cultures and considers the significance of what might be lost if we fail to appreciate their value.

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Toronto Campaign Celebration 2014: Diversity in Leadership

For decades women have been fighting for workplace equality, and in many sectors, progress has been made. A critical mass of new research shows that the quality of business decisions can increase when different voices are heard. But in executive offices across the country, there remains a noticeable absence of women and minorities in senior leadership positions. What lies behind this imbalance?

Toronto Campaign Celebration 2013: Mysteries of the Brain

On November 5th 2013 over 150 UBC Alumni and friends joined 3 passionate UBC researchers to discuss the “Mysteries of the Brain.” The discussion focused on traumatic brain injury, cognitive enhancement and healthy aging. There is a podcast and photos from this event.

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UBC Campaign: Calgary Celebration

The Chinese Puzzle: How do Canadians decode China’s economic transformation? China is predicted to be the world’s largest economy by 2016. What do we need to know about relationships with and within China? Where do we go to find the answers? And what do we do with the information when we get it?

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UBC Campaign: Toronto Celebration

On the eve of the 2012 US Presidential Election, 80 UBC Alumni and friends joined 3 passionate Canadians to discuss the election and its potential implications for Canada. The discussion focused on how America elects its government; the role of voter ID and early voting; the Senate races; the impending debt deal and of course, predictions about the outcome.

There is a podcast available for the discussion.

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start an evolution Launch Symposium

Podcasts are available for 11 fascinating sessions at this landmark event.

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Uniquely UBC: Pushing the Boundaries

The role of the law in protecting privacy, wildlife, and people, Peter A. Allard School of Law, UBC is one of Canada’s leading law schools and is committed to being one of the world’s great centres for legal education and research. Our faculty inspire the changes necessary to address some of our society’s most important challenges.

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