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We invite you to get involved and combine your energy with ours. Together with UBC, you can help create solutions for the issues you care about. This is your opportunity to make a contribution with long lasting effects.


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alumni UBC is your alumni association. We are member-driven, made up of alumni like you. We offer alumni ways to stay involved, connect with other alumni, and more.

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Attend an event, sponsor a venue or offer to be an event speaker in the city you call home.

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Designed to provide advice, tips and resources in areas of career development to graduates for life after university.

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Trek is an award-winning magazine filled with news and stories about UBC and its people.

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  • Attend an Event
    Thought-provoking presentations featuring UBC experts on issues affecting our world; skill-building events aimed at new grads about to enter the world of work; branch events, from pub nights in Toronto to Canada Day celebration in Hong Kong; and more. Keep an eye on our calendar.
  • Send in your news to Trek Magazine
    Tell us your stories, share your anecdotes, and announce your latest achievements and milestones in life. We’ll spread the news to the thousands of other grads who receive Trek magazine every two months.
  • Plan a reunion
    If it’s been a few years since your undergraduate experience, how about getting your old classmates together? It’s time to swap stories and compare waistlines!
  • Enjoy unique travel experiences
    Go to breathtaking places and get a deep appreciation and knowledge of them in the company of experts.
  • Volunteer
    From helping out at the UBC Farm or Botanical Garden to serving on the Alumni Association board, we bring volunteer opportunities to your attention.
  • Mentor a student
    What do you wish you’d known during your undergraduate years? Share your wisdom with UBC students and help them launch successful careers.
  • Visit the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre
    The UBC Alumni Centre is a vibrant social space with strong programming and opportunities for connecting with students and fellow grads.


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