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Your support of the UBC Faculty of Medicine is a gift for all British Columbians. Through your generosity, you are enabling our researchers to pursue solutions to health care’s most pressing challenges. You are also encouraging the clinicians of tomorrow to reach their full potential as they train to deliver outstanding health care throughout the province.
Together, we are transforming health for everyone.

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  • Success Story

    Heart and Lung Health // A new answer, a sigh of relief

    Heart and Lung Health // A new answer, a sigh of relief

    Every winter, Vivianne Toupin expects to suffer at least one exacerbation, or lung attack, that leaves her gasping for air and struggling to cough. As less oxygen reaches her brain, more

    Research Excellence

  • Success Story

    Cancer // A world without ovarian cancer

    Cancer // A world without ovarian cancer

    After practicing obstetrics and gynaecology for almost 40 years, Dr. Chew Wei was dismayed by the prognosis for women with ovarian cancer. In 1985, three years before he retired to more

  • Priority Project

    Clinical Education

    Rural Medicine Clerkship

    Rural areas in BC are struggling with a critical shortage of family doctors. The UBC Faculty of Medicine is committed to addressing this problem in a variety of ways, including more

    Community Engagement, Student Learning