Faculty of Forestry

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the world’s forests. By supplying wood, mitigating climate change, maintaining biodiversity and contributing to the livelihoods of over two billion people, forests play a critical role in the world’s economies and ecosystems.

But the importance of forests often goes unnoticed, and a major challenge for us is to help people realize the significance of forests and their products. Within the Faculty of Forestry, we undertake critical research, participate in community outreach, and educate graduates and undergraduates to meet this challenge.

As a truly interdisciplinary Faculty, we want to be the nexus for ideas about forests and their goods and services; a place where ideas are turned into actions that benefit forests, the people who depend on forests, and all of humanity.

There are huge opportunities open to us. To find out how you can combine your energy with ours for meaningful change, please contact us today.

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