Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences

The Barber School offers more than 30 undergraduate programs and eight graduate programs across the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. Its diverse programs and interdisciplinary learning opportunities allow students to make connections with other areas of study. Intercultural experiences encourage broad perspectives. Programs supporting innovative teaching methods, undergraduate research opportunities, and experiential learning encourage creativity and equip students with the critical-thinking skills necessary to confront societal challenges. Students emerge better prepared to be global citizens, enabled with the experience and resourcefulness that give them a competitive advantage in the workplace and graduate school.

Consider how your support could help advance scientific research, inspire future leaders, and discover innovative ways to connect with the world?

Projects and Impact Stories:

  • Priority Project

    Dr. John Janmaat

    Aiming at Climate Change: No Magic Bullet

    When it comes to solving climate change, Dr. John Janmaat knows one thing for sure: “There are no magic bullet solutions.” For Dr. Janmaat, LEEF BC Regional Innovation Chair in more